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geopolitics -- host: oil and gas production in the western hemisphere is booming, with the united states emerging less dependent on supplies from an unstable middle east. vens, nigeria, and mexico. host: southeast michigan. what are gas prices like there, dave? caller: very good. someone saying on your show that prices were falling for the holidays. that's not true here in southeast michigan, which people here like to drive a lot up north. we have a wonderful, beautiful up north. but the prices here average in the low $3.90's. they were a week ago in the mid $3.60, around there. for my employees, it's all the same for them. we're traveling 60 mile an hour round trips and that really hits the pocketbook when you're having to travel every day for week. i'll companies are certainly quick to bring the price down. thanks and have a good holiday. host: it's not our oil that we're talking about, it belongs to oil companies. new hampshire, john on our democrats line joins us. hi. caller: just one note i've acknowledged over the last few weeks. we have a caller on your show, but he was discussing
: >> everybody wants to stay healthy. when i moved to the united states almost three years ago i could not find one that worked for me. i became inspired to bring a new definition of quality to the world. today it's working to fulfill our mission of bringing omega 3s to everyone because omega 3s are essential to life. >> citi turns 200 this year. in that time, there have been some good days and some difficult ones. but through it all, we persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. >> bnsf railway. >. the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: the mystery surrounding an escaped chinese dissident de
, across 100 plus united states cities. >>guest: they were expecting thousands to show up and only 200 people showed up, and they were hoping to revitalize the movement but there just wasn't that energy there and it seems the people who are left in the movement are the extreme radicals. >>neil: you talked to them? >>guest: yes. >>neil: this is from today? >> corporations are buying the lobbyists, and they are drawning out the voices of ordinary americans. >> we are picketing bank of america. we want them broken up because they are too big. if you are too big to fail you are too big to be a corporation. all from stories i have heard, honest stories, bank of america kick people out open street, closing up parents' house and general corruption and i learned what they are doings trying to destroy a mountain. >> why did they foreclosure the homes? >> because the people in the homes owe the bank money. >> what economic system would you rather have if place rather than capitalism? i have to say communism where you get free food, where you get free medical services, and that's provided by the
republican seat. she will be a terrific general election candidate and a great addition to the united states senate. >> caller: she is running against a war hero, bob kerry, who is very popular. so this will be fascinating. >> it is interesting, the polls shower, even as not well known as she was, beating kerry handily, in large part because he has spent the better part of a decade, living in new york city, contemplating a run for mayor in new york city. that's not a good way to get favor in nebraska. >> greta: coming up, vice-president joe biden gets very loud. what got him so riled up? you have to hear the fiery speech. next. obamacare or no care? some college students are going to end up with no insurance. and the university president says the president's health care law is to blame. preliminary rivals or frenemmies. chris christie is teaming up with a democratic mayor. what is the duo up to? you have to see it to believe it. you do not want to miss this. what makes sam adams boston lager great is as simple as abc. a, the appearance. amber. [ jim ] b, balance. sam adams has malt sweetness
the massacre in houla friday. the united states signaled it would continue down the diplomatic path to end the bloodshed in syria. but right now the violence is expected to continue. bill: . there is a warning if diplomacy fails the wider region could be drawn into a bigger war. >> reporter: in israel there is a concern about what might happen next. susan rice was talking to the united nations saying if the larger diplomatic push fails, the wider region could be pulled into the conflict. the iranian government says if the united states or other countries intervene militarily in syria, israel will be attacked. there is a concern about israel and iran in terms of the nuclear issue. there is a lot of concern in the middle east about what happens next. right now it is a diplomatic push by the united states and the diplomatic community and the u.n. this seems to be the on real option anybody is considering. right now military intervention is off the table for most of the international community, bill. martha: with that violence escalating by the day, we are getting more images of the civilians
rates. so, the economy is moving and the united states is benefiting from problems in europe and china because we are seeing some monies flow back in the united states. that is all good, too, and the united states could be the prettiest horse in the glue factory but it is still a very sluggish economy and moving at a below par rate. consumers are the key. 70's percent of our economy they are. and if we did not see more savings where they have room to spend or we do not see incomes improving, they are just going to be tapped out that is a real no one. >> what about a catalyst for a shot in the arm for the economy, everyone is talking about the fiscal cliff that the bush tax cuts have to be extended. if congress can pull this off, will that alone give us a psychological lift and we will feel more comfortable spending money, taking longer trips and driving further? what do you think of that idea? >>guest: well, i am glad you brought that up because the federal reserve talks about when they keep the interest rates low they are trying to create wealth effect to get the stock market up, and
reverend wright had with the president of the united states since he took the oath of office? >> you know, they haven't had any. president obama was clear that mr. wright's views didn't reflect the president's views. this required moral leadership on mitt romney's part to stand up to the extreme voices in his party. once again, he didn't rise to the occasion. one of the things he tried to do today is equate this hateful attack with a simple discussion of governor romney's economic record we had in this campaign. we've seen this from romney before. he didn't stand up to one of the symbolic heads of the republican party, rush limbaugh when he made those hateful comments against sandra fluke. we've been clear whether supporter of the president or person that used this rhetoric, and romney didn't stand up. >> he said he repudiated this style of campaign. do you believe him? >> he was asked later in the day about his comments earlier in the year about reverend wright you played not too long ago. he said he stood behind them. time and time again, he had the opportunity to stand up to the extrem
west talk about poverty in the united states. the book is quote code of the rich and the rest of us." facebook last month at hunter college in new york city. this is about one hour and 20 minutes. [applause] >> thank you. first of all to dr. green, thank you for the invitation to be here tonight. dr. west and i are in the midst of what is about a three week tour across the country for this new text "the rich and the rest of us a poverty manifesto." and we were asked to consider making one of our stops here to support this great work. we immediately accepted in part because we believed in the work that marinas during and dr. west has appeared at the conference before and i was just at the writers' conference this year matter of fact just a couple weeks ago so i'm back in new york city. a couple weeks later. but we've been delighted on this tour to have about half, just over half of the stops have been to support fund raising efforts, those kind of causes and entities we believe in supporting sorted is defeating america and all of the insecurity that exists in this country or the nati
, to permit highly educated foreign students to stay in the united states. and when you look at the numbers, it's just extraordinary that so many of these foreign students who are the real entrepreneurs of the future are forced to go back to their home countries. >> that's right. in the united states, we have a real challenge right now. we need to strengthen science, technology, engineering, and math education programs and opportunities for americans. but we are educating tens of thousands of non-u.s. nationals who are getting master's and doctoral degrees in these programs. there are tens of thousands of jobs that our most competitive, fastest growing companies can't fill and because of our current immigration laws, we've forced these highly educated folks to go home to the countries from which they came. we won't let them stay here, start jobs or take jobs, so in a bill, a bipartisan bill that senator warner of virginia, senator rubio of florida and i introtduced earlier this week, e make a number of important changes to support small business job growth. one is to create a new class of v
wanted to make clear that i was solidly behind him in order to make him president of the united states. >> greta: okay. it's clear that you are supporting the republican nominee. have you thrown your support behind governor romney. what is the reason why you don't support president obama? what is the difference between the two parties, the two candidates as we approach november? >> here again, it's real simple. governor romney gets it right on the big issues. president obama get its wrong on the big issues. governor romney understands what it's going to take to boost this economy to a growth rate that this economy is capable of. no policies of president obam have boosted the economy. we are now at something less than 2%. that's not what our economy is capable of. governor romney get its right on energy independence. he knows and has stated that we can maximize all of our energy resources in this country to become energy independent. everything that president obama does seems to be opposite of that. and then the other thing that governor romney get its right on is he wants to repeal oba
was for it personally. he didn't say as president of the united states, personally. he saided that each state should make up its own decision which is a conservative view point states rights and the whole federalism. apparently process wise. >> that was a little twist i thought in the argument. he said one of the reasons he decided to come out hike this is because mitt romney called for a federal constitutional amendment saying at the federal level the constitution should ban gay marriage and he thinks it should be state bistate. as president that is not something that is likely to come to his desk. on the issue of gay marriage he is comfortable with it and think is states over time as the public opinion evolves will evolve with him. >> he won north carolina by half a percentage point last night. this year the democratic convention in north carolina and then you have last night's vote on the gay marriage constitutional amendment to the state constitution. what is the conventional wisdom of what this means for north carolina for this president? >> a couple of democrats felt like, north carolina, or m
developments of interest in respect inequality especially in the united states was getting worse. over the years since and particularly in the 1990's, there developed a dominant narrative on the subject, in which the classic economic motions of supply tended to predominate. that is to say, developed in the literature in the explanation of inequality based upon technology and the demand of for skill, education, supply of the skill. immigration and trade and the supply of unskilled labor contended forces operating in the labor market, but operating in ways that economists understand to be substantially microeconomic driven in character. this suggested that the environment in which the forces were cooperating was substantially self-contained labor market which is might be looped to each other but only by the kinds of channels i just described by the i did i did fiewshes of technology, by the migration of workers by trades in good with difference ever differing composition in the labor that puts them together. if you went to the journal of economic litedture, in fact if you go there today
they are selling themselves. what about handing over the united states capitol to that kind of project? this is national statuary hall. today it's home to 38 statues. they were all inaugurated in what is national statuary hall. today it can be used for special events like memorial services, receptions for members of congress. it's up to the speaker of house who can have access and for what kind of events. here are the kind of events that are held. inaugural luncheons or a capitol historical society for new members of congress. today, there was a different kind of event. today join boehner held it over the a prayer event. it was time to coincide with george washington's inauguration and celebrate how super religious george washington was. among today's prayer at the capitol head lierns was a guy named jim garlo. he's said that gay marriage is part of an attack by satan on the united states. he has compared being gay to not just man on dog like rick santorum said but specifically, man on horse. a guy named david barton was top bill. he said we can't find a cure to aids because gay is god
in the united states senate, dick lugar, richard nixon's favorite mayor, gets yanked by republicans. the state of of the republican party. this morning we'll talk to both parties looking to take lugar's seat. and another hotbed of discontent. wisconsin democrats pick their man in the fast approaching recall vote on governor scott walker. we'll take a deep dive into the fierce fight that's only 27 days away from today. and mitt romney, another one of those pivots to november. this time it actually felt like on one. this is "the daily rundown." startling revelations about the double agent who ended up blow up that yemen bomb plot. lots to get to this morning. we know about indiana senator richard lugar. he was rejected by his own party in a double-digit defeat that was just one of last night's ballot blowouts. the results went largely as expected in indiana, north carolina, west virginia and wisconsin. the surprises were in the margins of victory. murdoch beat lugar by 20 points, 61% to lugar's 39%. new york overwhelmingly approved a state constitutional amendment that will constitutional will b
the united states senate. matt by yesterday with the times said this was not a johnsonian moment, in fact it looked quite weak. historically, do you agree with matt by? do you agree with what sam stein said? how significant is it for barack obama to come out and say that he supports gay marriage, despite the fact that he says i'm going to allow states to ban it, despite the fact he said something that we all knew before he talked to robin roberts? >> well, it's not 1957, and it's not by far obviously '64 or '65 where you had federal legislation undoing jim crow and remarkably strong barriers to racial justice. those achievements are not within hailing distance of this. because what the president did was make a rhetorical statement that he -- i think sam has a good point. this is important to a lot of americans. and it signals the president's support of these initiatives, whether he actually puts any political or governmental power attempts behind it is another question. but rhetorically, this is a good thing for libertyianism, people who support the rights of all americans to participate
they are incapable for standing up for allys of the united states. i will be joined by former secretary donald rumsfeld. the doctor ran a vaccination program and held the cia to verify that obama was in fact at the compound in pakistan. that's why they believe he is being held because i assisted the united states. but according to the judgment that was obtained by fox news, he is provided for providing financial and medical assistance to a militant group. his family, they are not buying it. his brother told fox news the blame has been placed on my brother because of america. we should get justice and protection. and a state department's smokes man was asked about the brother's claim. listen to the response. >> i'm not sure they have approached us requesting assistance, other than raising it very publicly as we have done via secretary of clinton, you know, and raising it consistently in our meetings with pakistani government officials, it's unclear to me what else we could do for his case. about we take it very seriously. the secretary is very clear in her remarks saying that there is not any b
't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. i don't know that. but i do know this -- that in his heart, he's not an american. he's just not an american. >> "in his heart, he's not an american." coffman didn't know he was being recorded. four days later, he released this statement. "i misspoke. i apologize. i have confidence in president obama's citizenship and legitimacy as president of the united states. i don't believe the president shares my belief in american exceptionalism." exceptionalism? don't you have to have the facts to be exceptional? or that's gone too? oh, he misspoke. how do you misspeak when you say, "i do know this -- he's not an american"? it sounds like coffman said exactly what he wanted to say. coffman laid low after releasing this statement. he just kind of wanted the whole thing to go away. but a reporter from denver's kusa television won't let the story die. >> the congressman is usually willing to talk about anything. he's been on 9 news 16 times in the past year, weighing in on everything from wildfires to memorial day celebrations. s
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to prove he's a united states citizens. >> i was amazed when i got the letter. i've been voting since i was 18 years old i've never had any trouble. >> you have to be thinking what's going on here. he was joined by two congressmen calming on governor scott to suspend the voter purge. he's is congressman hastings. >> who made the decision to put these names on a list? why did you make that decision? when did you make that decision? and if you made that decision recently when mr. intercola received the letter, why didn't you do it a long time before this election? >> the total is 180,000 voters have been identified as potential noncitizens using a dmv database, which does not automatically update someone becoming a citizen. in miami county alone, more than 1600 voters were called noncitizens and already 359 people on the list have provided proof of their citizenship. in other words, florida is purging voters from the rolls based on a flawed system. the purge is hitting the hispanic community the hardest. senator bill nelson of florida told a hispanic audience they are under attack. the mo
. republicans in the united states senate filibustered on student loaned today. how is that youth vote coming along republican party? interest rates on student loans are set to double this summer unless congress takes action. republicans were set to let that happen last month, to let student loan rates double. after public pressure from president obama, mitt romney, the republican candidate and the republicans in the house of representatives changed their mind. they dropped their previous position. they said they would agree to act to keep student loan rates where they are. as of today, apparently the deal is off. they filibustered the deal to keep student loan rates from going up. if this does not get fixed, everybody's student loans across the country will double their interest rate this summer. you can thank massachusetts senator scott brown for that. a vulnerable incumbent like scott brown sided with the republican filibuster on this issue. just incredible. also, incredible, the long awaited endorsement of mitt romney for president by the last te contender left standing. rick santorum's e
, "untied state senator" on them, instead of "united state senator." it was a misprint by the company that manufactured the mens. it seemed like an omen for how the whole impeachment thing will turn out for those impeachers. last summer when jon huntsman launched his campaign for the white house, his campaign got off to an inauspicious start when the candidate's own name was misspelled on the press passes that his aides handed out to supporters, it was spelled "john" instead of "jon," which who cares, unless it's the launch of your presidential campaign and you're a relatively unknown campaign. the good news for jon huntsman, his campaign went so badly this year, with he still might be able to run as an outsider nobody's heard of the next time he runs in 2016. for 2012, though, the republicans have got themselves a nominee. last night, by taking the texas primary, mitt romney surpassed the delegate number needed to claim the convention in august. mr. romney is not just the de facto or likely republican nominee, he is the projected nominee. it is official as of last night. mr. romney's
of the united states an apology. if you can't do it, maybe you were just on a big news show and felt like you had to say something. maybe that's what it was. i don't know. what you did was damage. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. does mitt romney care more about people or profits? text a for people. text b for profits. you can always go to our blog at ed.msnbc and leave a comment. joining me is now the senator of new jersey. good to have you with us tonight. >> good to be here. >> this is one of the strangest thing i've seen a democratic mayor going out and ramrodding the president's campaign in such a crucial election. how off the mark was he in your opinion? >> unfortunately, he's way off the mark. i've agreed with him on many thing thing, but this one he's wrong about. it's too bad. the campaign was doing the right thing in depending itself, defending the president's record which is pretty good and highlighting the bain capital record, which is buy a company, lay off the employees, take the spoils, sell the company and be done with it. that's not what we would call
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 353 (some duplicates have been removed)